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Glome is a modular POS software, for iPad, Mac and PC. Easily manage & grow your business in the cloud.

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The one POS system for success, from 1 store to 100+.

It works on iPad, Mac & PC. It even works offline.

The Glome Advantage

Glome is the premier value-added POS system that goes out of its
way to give you that edge in your sales and business.

Point of Sale

Glome makes it easy to sell to your customers, whether you use our responsive web-based POS on Mac or PC, or our Glome Register iPad app.

Works Offline

Never miss a sale and continue selling even when the internet goes down, Glome will automatically resync your sales when you’re back online.


Schedule or surprise your customers with promotions or discounts to your products or catalogues specific to a store, or store-wide. All within a few clicks.


Glome works with a wide range of hardware providers. Choose a bundle that works out of the box or select the parts you need from our recommended list.


It’s a breeze to add, edit and remove products, including images, descriptions and taxes. Easily add variants or create composite products to fit your needs.


Take control over your inventory with full or partial inventory counts, and easily balance and transfer your inventory between your different locations.


Use automated reordering, and adjust reorder points and restock levels to make sure you never have too much or too little stock on your shelves.


Easily grow your customer list with Glome. View purchase history and account balances, create customer groups and centrally manage all your customers.


Create user accounts for your staff and easily control their permissions. Set individual sales targets to boost profits and track staff performance.


Grow repeat business with your own loyalty program. Packages and points are easy to set up, powerful, flexible, customizable and easy for your customers.

Real-time Dashboard

Get a real-time snapshot of how your stores are performing in your dashboard, and have access to your most important info. Business decisions through business intelli

End-of-day Reporting

Track sales each day with a shift report from each outlet. Confirm payment amounts, check for discrepancies, and take note about the day’s performance.

Sales Reports

Easily dive into your sales data to see how your stores, products and staff are performing and quickly identify any problem areas that can be improved.

Top Performers

Set goals for your team and identify your top performers with daily, weekly or monthly sales targets, that you can monitor directly from Glome.


Grow effortlessly with Glome and quickly add more products, users or registers. Glome is designed to be flexible and help you scale easily.


Manage all your stores seamlessly with Glome, whether you add new stores, a warehouse or have seasonal needs like Christmas pop-up stores.

Centralised Data

Centrally manage prices and products, tax rates, stock levels, staff, customers and reporting, across all your stores and channels, painlessly.


Extend the power of Glome with a multitude of handy modules to help you streamline your operations and run your entire business online.

“Glome has been incredibly effective in helping us visualize our performance.”

Natalie Lim
Lim Handycrafts Pte Ltd

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Frequently Asked Questions

Definitely. Glome is built to ensure stability in retail transactions. Glome only pulls information from HQ when you open shift, and pushes it back when you close shift. Apart from that, the shift period works offline to prevent disruption when the internet goes down. Thus, you can just use your mobile hotspot when you open and close shift if you don’t have internet in your shop.
Yes, our team will be doing the deployment for you, including training for you and your staffs.
You are able to claim PIC so long as you meet the requirements by IRAS.
Glome is designed to allow business owners to manage multiple outlets in one place. On top of that, opening a new outlet in Glome is a fast and seamless process when your business expands.
Good Question, today everyone is using Cloud because technology nowadays are better in security. We are using Google Cloud server, which one of the most reliable that you can trusted on.
You can simply export out the csv file from your previous system and import the file into Glome POS.
Your data will still be there, waiting for you to get it back once you re-activate your account.
Web Imp, a technology firm who specializes in customization is the mastermind behind the creation of Glome. However, Glome is a unique POS where the community (you) will build it up from there on. The features and extra modules will be developed based on the clients’ feedback and votings. Everyone will be the mastermind behind Glome at the end of the day.